Ipad Air Setup


Setting Up Your iPad Air

So you decided to buy an iPad Air you’ve been eyeing? Awesome! But before you think you can start downloading every app there is onto your unit, think again. As every iPad owner knows, you must pass the ritual that every iPad Air owner before has gone through- the iPad Air Setup. Don’t panic. It’s not that difficult. Read on and find out how easy it really is.

  1. Unpack and connect. After taking your unit out of its box, power it on. Unlike previous models, the iPad Air no longer needs you to connect to your computer to set up. Exciting huh? So what are you connecting to then? The internet, of course, by way of WiFi. Log in to your network and continue.
  2. Language choice. English is the default setting on the iPad, but there are other languages for you to choose from, if you are more comfortable with something else.
  3. Where in the world? Next you will have to choose your region or country where you are. A screen will come out showing the text “activating iPad”. This will take a couple of minutes before you can proceed to the next step.
  4. Location, location, location. To enable or not to enable? Location services, that is. This is the question. It’s a good idea to enable location services as it will be useful for a variety of functions such as tracking your iPad Air in case it is stolen, helping Maps in determining your location and helping you out if you need directions, as well as letting social media apps allowing you to export location when you upload. You can easily disable this feature or select which apps will be able to access your location later on.
  5. SetUp Your iPad Air.  Actually the screen will offer you a choice whether to set up a new device or restore from an iCloud backup. But since we are discussing your spanking new iPad, you select the first choice of “Set Up as New iPad”.
  6. Your Apple ID. While you technically can skip this step, it would be wise to take the time to set up an Apple account. This ID is important because you will need it to download and install apps, books, music, and movies. And before you ask, yes, even the free one will request for an Apple ID. So spend this time to already do this step to save yourself the trouble of doing it later when you’re hankering for an app. You may also want to download iTunes onto your computer to help you manage your device and have a physical back up of its contents.
  7. T & C. That would be terms and conditions. You will need to agree to them to proceed with your set up. If you don’t feel like reading them all now, you have the option of having it e-mailed to you for future reference. Click on the dialogue box to agree to the terms and conditions and continue.
  8. Siri. Siri is the intelligent voice assistant of the iPad. You can choose to enable or disable Siri. She is useful for voice dictation apps as well as looking for useful information for you.
  9. Diagnostics.  You also have a choice whether to send daily diagnostic reports to Apple or not. The primary purpose of this is to help Apple improve its software performance and give better service to their customers. The choice is purely voluntary and not enabling this will not affect your iPad experience.
  10. Anything else? While you can begin using your iPad Air after completing the choice whether or not to participate in diagnostics, you may also want to set up your iCloud to help you back up the contents of your unit. You can set it up to back up your iPad daily, or your can do it manually. The primary benefit of having your iCloud set up is that if your unit has problems later on, all of the contents of your unit will have been saved and stored in the cloud, allowing you to restore it to your unit once it has been fixed. This can be done at a later time when you have more items on your unit and want to have a backup of your apps, music, photos and all other contents on your iPad.

Now, wasn’t that painless? Well, what are you waiting for? There’s a big virtual world of apps waiting for you! Enjoy!